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TwitchTV New Ban Notice

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Ban message appears to let you know when/if you’ve been channel banned

If you have been banned from using chat in a particular channel, you will now be shown a banner alerting you to your status when you attempt to chat. If you were banned at any point BEFORE this feature was introduced, you will see this message when you attempt to chat. Thus, this is not just for new bans.

​Channel bans can only be lifted by the channel owner or moderator.

Channel Owners and Moderators: Your banned user list only shows up to 100 banned users. Thus, if you’ve banned more than that number of users, you will not be able to grab a whole list.

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Also coming to TwitchTV

New Broadcast Requirements. Have no fear streamers.

Here at Twitch, we’ve experienced a massive surge in demand for viewing on non-web devices; such as game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones. We want your viewers to be able to watch in all these places, so we’re making changes to our infrastructure to service this growth.

Moving into the future, we will require the following settings to be compatible with us:

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