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Top 10 reasons why Uncharted series is PlayStation soul

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Some video games have too much story, others are nothing but first person shooters with tired mechanics. It is simply a nature of the development process, where many things can and usually do go wrong. But once in a great while, there comes a game that starts a magnificent series where every element is just right. One such series is Uncharted and here are 10 reasons why you should definitely play it right now.

#10 Treasure hunt

Who can resist the good, old-fashioned treasure hunt? Uncharted games have you play as Nathan Drake, an aspiring treasure hunter. This means every story element in the entire Uncharted series is a clue eventually leading you to the ultimate prize, those shiny, shiny loots.

#9 History

Uncharted games are based on history and peppered with historical facts and quotes. There is just enough of them to tickle your imagination, but not too much to make you doze off during cutscenes.

#8 Pirates

While not all Uncharted games feature actual seafaring pirates, all villains definitely have the Blackbeard’s personality and are only motivated by greed. It’s refreshing to see villains who aren’t megalomaniacs bent on ruling the world – they just want to make a quick buck, preferably by snatching precious relics right in front of you.

#7 Banter

At times raunchy, sometimes funny, but always interesting, the banter between characters is something that really adds depth to them. There is something magical in hearing those random remarks, such as your partner commenting on his night-life, that just makes you much more involved in the game and care for them.

#6 Pacing

There is never a dull moment in the Uncharted series – every second you spend playing Uncharted games, something will be happening. Exploration, puzzles and action are always around the corner, or rather, above that ledge.

#5 Character development

Isn’t character exposition gr ResidentSleeper? I appreciate when game developers want to imbue depth to their game characters, but this sometimes turns into shoving irrelevant details down the players’ throats. In the Uncharted series, cutscenes last just long enough to not get boring.

#4 Beautiful scenery

The worlds of Uncharted games feel alive and breathing and every outdoors scene is vibrantly illuminated and saturated with color. And then you have the little touches that make the immersion so much more complete, such as seeing snow stick to characters or water dripping off them.

#3 Fisticuffs

If you can’t shoot them, pummel them. It’s an old movie cliche, but it works really well in Uncharted games. The ability to chain combos and take down foes silently is a nice touch that gives you another optional layer of challenge.

#2 Cinematic experience

Uncharted games have the look and feel of a Hollywood blockbuster. Everything meshes together to create a wonderful rollercoaster experience you will want to go back to over and over again. Oh, and speaking of cinematic experience, there is an Uncharted movie in the works, scheduled for release in 2016.

#1 Three games on one console

There are many spinoffs and non-canon sequels to the Uncharted series on other consoles, but the main three games were all released exclusively for PlayStation 3. This means you can get one console, three games, lock yourself in the room and start exploring the enchanting world of the Uncharted series.

If you feel like we left something out that should have been mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below.

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