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live stream fails

Watching gamers stream is awesome. You get to see things happen in real time, without any editing. It is raw and genuine, especially when things go wrong. What usually happens afterwards is absolutely hilarious. Without cock blocking you nerds any longer. Here is our top 10 list for gamers who fail live.

#10 Starcraft II Player Dragon 69’s his own Chair

Some streamers listen to their audience a little bit too closely. Take for example SC2 pro Dragon who tends to do headstands on his chair whenever someone donates 69 cents to him. He should start saving for a chiropractor. #2strong

#9 Fallout 3 Player Smokes His Save File

High as a kite and distracted by the chat, this streamer manages to casually overwrite his save file and lose all the progress. Afterwards, he has no idea what just happened. You might want to take it easy with the pot, bro. #getrekt

#8 Mother/Daughter Stream Invaded by 4Chan

Minecraft is such an awesome game to be played with your family. Until 4chan raids your stream and starts spamming, that is. The best part is how the two females have no idea what’s going on. #cringe

#7 CS: GO Player esp Flex Banned for Cheating Live on ESEA TV

It takes a special kind of schadenfreude to ban a cheater as he is playing a televised official match. #tryhard

#6 Cro is DDoSed after showing his Skype name during Stream

It only takes a second, just a tiny mistake, reveal one bit of personal info on your stream and the viewers will troll you hardcore. That is exactly what happened to Cro as he got wasted and showed his Skype ID to the world. #callmebabe

#5 Day[9] Literally Breaks the Fourth Wall Playing Hearthstone

Green screens can do wonders for your stream by covering up the mess in your living room. As long as they stay upright. In this video, Day[9] experiences his own green screen of death but plays it off cool. #shithappens

#4 MrBossFTW Gives Away His GTA 5 Key By Accident

It’s probably a wise idea to not stream your installation of any game, noob. #stolenbossforthelost

#3 Kid’s Mom Lays Down The Law

This CoD streamer didn’t know what hit him when his mom burst into the room and started yelling. Don’t skip school to play video games, man, that’s just pathetic. #stayinschool

#2 Dude Stabs His $3000 TV Showing Off A Rifle

That belongs in a museum! #aimhigh

#1 Guy Freaks Out When A Wasp Lands On His Desk

Jesus Christ, it’s just one wasp. No need to scream like a little girl. #staypretty

  • Not going to lie it was hard to watch #8. That was definately cringe worthy. So funny “Mom I don’t know those words, YET!!!!”. So #epic

    • greendestiny

      I love it, it’s so embarrassing. Trumps reality TV hands down.

      • No kidding. You know the video is good when you can barely pull yourself together to watch the whole clip. So funny but painful to watch.