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Top 10 Best Twitch Female Streamers

twitch female streamers

We have selected the top ten female streamers on Twitch, who are tearing it up in the gaming community. You can catch all these talented women playing games from World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Diablo III, to League of Legends.

10.) MissPetrai

miss petrai

MissPetrai doesn’t say much about herself. What we do know about her is that she is a cosplay addict, as evident from her amazing cosplay photographs on facebook, and has a BA in Art. MissPetrai hopes to someday start a career in the game and film industry.

Views: 150,220 Followers: 3,718
Stream: twitch.tv/MissPetrai

9.) HelloKellyLink

hello kelly link

HelloKellyLink comes from a family of gamers. She has been playing since the age of seven and is currently pursing a degree in Social Science Education.

Views: 444,535 Followers: 8,095

8.) Koshka

koshka female twitch

Koshka, originally from the Ukraine, now resides in the USA. She is relatively new to the gaming arena, but do not let her charms fool you. After switching from World of Warcraft to StarCraft II in 2011, without any prior RTS experience, Koshka quickly rose to the top. She went from ranks Bronze to Diamond within the year.

Views: 549,156 Followers: 2,447
Stream: twitch.tv/koshka

7.) Tarababcock

tarababcock twitch stream

Tarababcock is a professional model, entrepreneur, gamer, and Resident Writer at Impulse Gamer. She is also very interested in what is going on within the gaming and eSports communities. Tara decided to start live streaming in order to improve her public speaking and articulation. We think she’s definitely improved!

Views: 819,168 Followers: 11,582
Stream: twitch.tv/tarababcock

6.) SuushiSam

suushisam twitch stream

SuushiSam currently lives in California and is studying Multimedia & Animation. There’s not much else within the public domain about SuushiSam. There is more information about her PC specs then herself!

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Mobo: MSI MS-7673, Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, Monitor Model: DELL E173FP & DELL 1908WFP, Headphoneset: Astro A40′s with Mixamp, Mouse: Diablo Steelseries, Keyboard: Steelsseries 6g v2.

Views 903,149 Followers 11,393
Stream: twitch.tv/suushisam

5.) Biiotch

biiotch twitch stream

Biiotch is one of the most illusive members of The Hammer Squad on TwitchTV. She comes and goes as she pleases, like an internet Big Foot. “You there… in the mountains….” This is all we know about Biiotch.

Views: 1,574,345 Followers: 14,236
Stream: twitch.tv/biiotch

4.) Esvper

esvper twitch stream

According to her TwitchTV page, 91 year old Esvper is single. The bad news? She’s not looking! Esvper is currently majoring in Psychiatry & Interpreting. She also has four tattoos! See her Facebook page for photos!

Views: 1,928,786 Followers: 15,882
Stream: twitch.tv/esvper

3.) Christie

christie gaming female streamer

Christiee is a 19 year old gamer who has been playing games since she was just a kitten.

Views 2,534,408 Followers 19,836
Stream: twitch.tv/cchristiee

2.) MiaRose

missmiarose twitch stream

MiaRose is a retired porn star, gone gamer! She’s so pro, she even has her own quest line in World of Warcraft. MiaRose is also a part of The Hammer Squad on TwitchTV… and have you tried searching Google images for Mia Rose? Don’t do it now if you’re still at work.

Views 3,393,477, Followers 25,892
Stream: twitch.tv/MissMiaRose

1.) Itshafu

Itshafu twitch stream

Itshafu is no stranger to the MLG experience. Hardcore, and very well respected within the community, Itshafu is a 21 year old finance student from Boston who can speak and understand Mandarin Chinese.

Views: 7,730,405 Followers: 31,923
Stream: twitch.tv/itshafu

There you have it, Btnsmash’s top ten female streamers! Make sure you check all of these ladies out on Twitch and don’t forget to hit those follow buttons!

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6/17/2014 – Updated photos and Twitch links

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  • WanderinSoul MIV

    I approve of hafu’s win :3

    • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

      Once again voices were heard 2014 edition

    • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

      We got her on the 2014 edition voice was heard :)

    • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

      Would check out but it seems she hasn’t streamed in awhile.

  • http://www.stampalibera.com/ REI

    Megan is not in here. That’s bad guys!

    • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

      Maybe we can get her in on the 2015 edition.

  • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

    2015 is fast apporaching. We’re starting to look for our 3rd edition of the top female streamers for 2015. If you know of any please do share.

    • malta1565

      Ms vixen? Streaming at least 3 years with thousands of dollars donated to charity, 100k plus twitch followers. She really should have been on your list already but I didn’t see her in your 2013 or 2014 list.

      • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

        Thank you Malta for the reply. I’ll definitely be on the look out for her stream. Would you happen to have a link to her stream?

        • malta1565

          Sure, here you go. She actually just left for vacation for several days so she won’t be streaming but you should get a pretty good idea about her from past broadcasts and her twitch info page.


  • Vicky

    EUW interacts with all viewers and subs <3
    loves to talk, new to LOL.

    She gonna be the TOP STREAM OF ALL TIME !

  • peter

    Why is @ Pancakederp not in the list!!

  • http://btnsmash.com/ btnsmash

    I’m putting together the 3rd edition. Get your recommendations in before March 1st.

  • Andrev George Saddler

    Where does sssniperwolf fall on your list of female streamers

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