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Top 10 Best Rust Servers

top rust servers

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Rust servers that will help make your adventures a little more enjoyable. We’ve also included a few Rust cracked servers for those that are interested.

As most of you know, Rust is a survival game that was inspired by popular games Minecraft and Dayz. Created by Facepunch Studios, Rust allows players to work together in order to increase a players survival chances. Build fortresses, scavenge, craft weapons, hunt, and gather raw materials in order to survive.

We have put together a list of 10 Rust servers that will have you in survival mode in no time. You better hurry before it’s dark out.

10.) Rust4Life

This server was created for players to have somewhere to play without hackers and/or admin abusers. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Locations: Europe
Notable Features:
– Anti-Speed Hack Plugin
– Events


9.) Rust Faction Wars

Faction based server to encourage people to work together and create Towns/Communities/Factions. Active Admins that will not abuse powers as they are fully monitored. We thrive on keeping hackers away and making this the best possible environment for all. We also have a leveling plugin.

Locations: NA
Notable Features:


8.) Rusty Trigger

Fun server that will keep you coming back for more. Admins come across fair and do a great job to prevent griefing and hacking.

Locations: NA
Notable Features:
– DDoS Protected
– Hunger Games Event
– PVP – 1/4 Crafting Speed
– Starter Kit


Play Rust

7.) Rust Never Sleeps!

Rust server running Oxide with many plug-ins. Active administrators, friendly. Our minimal down-time is a reflection of the maintenance of the configuration data. We back up our servers, shut down the game, upgrade any mods and verify any changes to configuration files. We make our best attempt to keep ALL of the data

Locations: NA
Notable Features:
– No Decay
– Base Alarm
– Instant Craft
– FPS Booster
– Warkits


6.) Carolinas Gaming

We are here to play Rust and have fun. We will only use admin powers to investigate abuse/hacking. We will never utilize admin powers to advance our game or anyone else other than contest/incentives that anyone can participate in. Killing, raiding, looting, smack-talking of admins (in a game context) is completely allowed and encouraged.

Locations: NA
Notable Features:
– Monday Wipes
– Events
– 1/2 Crafting Speed
– Starter Kits


Rust Screenshot

5.) Rustify

Our server has loads of cool stuff, we have variety of mods for you guys to enjoy. We have plugins that most servers don’t, even if they do, it’s always glitchy and/or bugged. But here, on RUSTIFY, everyone is crisp and clean.

Locations: Europe
Notable Features:
– No Fall Damage
– No Durability
– Instant Craft


4.) SC Rust

A server in which will look to provide a fun game play experience. Their admin team is a mixture of long time players who have decided to take responsibility and help grow the server along with some new fresh admins who regularly host events, such as : Rock Fights, Hunger Games and even Quizzes to earn some nice rewards!

Locations: Europe
Notable Features:
– PVP – Events
– Door Sharing
– Starter Kits
– No Durability


top rust servers

3.) BreakingBad

Get ready for a unique and out of this world modded server that will keep you coming back. The server is a well maintained and updated server with all the bells and whistles that make for a well rounded enjoyable game experience for one and all. Comments and feedback are welcomed, so make sure to share your experience with the admins.

Locations: NA
Notable Features:
– Private Messaging
– Full Economy
– PVP & PVE Zones
– Banking


2.) Wonderful World of Rust

The server has DDoS protection with minimal wipes. Durability is disabled and airdrops happen when the population is 20 or more at 12:00 PM in-game time.

Locations: NA
Notable Features:
– Door share
– Compass
– Starter Kit
– Private Message


Top 10 Best Rust Servers

1.) MyRust

Extremely popular among the Rust community. The server has been running since January 2014 and has continued to grow in popularity since it’s launch. Run by an experienced owner who knows what players want and don’t want in a Rust server.

Locations: Europe
Notable Features:
– PVP – Sleepers On
– No Durability
– Starter Kits
– Stats


I hope this list will help get you started on joining a server that you’ll be happy to call home. Also, note that this is just my opinion and encourage you to check out all of the other great servers sites out there.

Other great websites:

Updated: 6/4/2014

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    • murkin

      I plan to do an update of the list here shortly.

    • murkin

      Oh nice how many players do you guys usually average on a night?

    • murkin

      I’ll have to check out the server

  • VG

    You missed out VonKeiser PvP. No admin abuse, no hackers, no rules.

  • murkin

    List has been updated. I’ll continue to visit servers and update when necessary. Keep posting your servers and I’ll try to get around to them.

  • Toby

    Most of these servers are offline?

    • murkin

      They weren’t the last time I checked. Which was about a week ago. I’ll double check again on Friday and make an update if I need to

    • murkin
  • Internets

    I just have to drop this link here and say I win.


  • Steve

    how to connect ? press f1 after the game has loaded and copy(ctrl+c) and paste(ctrl+v): epicrust.co.vu:1337

    Forums: Coming Soon…

    Online 24/7
    Uk Server
    1/3 Crafting Times
    Lots of Commands
    Friendly Staff
    Lag Free
    Starter kits
    Door sharing
    Voice notifications
    Broadcast PvP death messages
    Destructible shelters, ceilings, pillars & foundation
    Player list & online count
    Private messaging system
    Friend system
    Starter kits
    Shutdown messages & auto save
    Player join/leave notices
    Auto saving

    Player Commands:
    ——- General Commands ——–
    /help (Shows commands)
    /history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
    /players (Shows online players)
    /location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
    /ping (shows latency between client and server)
    /starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
    /about (shows server mod version)
    /rules (shows server rules)
    /motd (shows the message of the day)

    —— Private Messaging ——–
    /pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
    /r message here (quick reply to last PM)

    —— Friend System ———-
    /friends (shows your friends list)
    /addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
    /unfriend playername (removes a friend)

    —— Door Sharing ————
    /share playername (shares your doors with a player) – no more quotes!
    /unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player) – no more quotes

  • Dusketeers.com UK / EU Rust Public Server | Oxide | 24/7 | No Lagg | 1/4 Craft | Air Drops |

    Air Drops
    1/4 Craft
    Rare Military Weapons
    No Craft C4
    PVP enabled
    Sleepers disabled
    Economy System
    Bounty System
    Starter kit
    Base Alarm
    VAC Secure
    Friendly Admins
    Looking for groups and clans to join
    Freshly started on 03/02/2014

  • [EU] Dignity of War |No Wipes|PvP|Sleepers|Rust++|Active Admins|

    Fresh started server 80 slots
    -PVP on
    -Sleepers on
    -Friendly fire
    -No Admin abuse
    -Mature players
    -No server wipes
    -Starter Kits
    -Admins controlled by the Staff of the Community that also pays for the server
    -all Rust++ commands and more
    -remove tool
    -500 slot Teamspeak
    -+1000 Member multi gamming Community

    Still struggling to get people on the server though.
    But we just started got it 2 days ago and have 15 now
    Going ok I guess.

  • when i open my rust and press play no servers open and at the bottom of the server menu i see updating and servers never show up btw i just bought da game how i fix this

  • Looking for Rust servers to check out. If you know of any good Rust servers to check out post a comment.

    Also I hope you guys like our new comment widget. We’ve switched to Disqus

  • We will be releasing a updated list of Rust servers here in the coming weeks.

  • LoneWolf

    Is this for Steam Rust or cracked(pirated) version?

  • Mertma123


  • neosul


  • Noob friend

    net.connect gestern mal reingeschaut und gefällt mir

  • elamino

    Join Our Server! Join the BattleField! : net.connect

    Always Updated! and Fun Battles. Meet Us There!

  • Admin-Gino

    join the rest he has no lagg server and admin are always active # nolive if you start with survivaling you can not be there gekilt airdrop and many fun things. join us ip:
    net.connect server Dutch English belgium

  • Chronicles

    Hallo liebe Rust Spieler,

    hier möchte ich mein Konzept vorstellen, das vor kurzem Online gegangen ist.
    Der Server ist erst gestern Online gekommen, genauer gesagt um 5 Uhr morgens. Da wir noch
    kaum Mitspieler haben, hoffe ich auf eure Hilfe.

    Zum Server:

    Ein Freund von mir und ich möchten nach langer Zeit ein Rust Server eröffnen der nicht nur uns, sondern auch euch Spaß macht. Wir glauben fest daran, dass wir es so spielfreudig gestalten werden, dass Ihr euch bei uns wohlfühlt. Da wir aber erst am Anfang sind mit dem Server, hoffen wir auf eure Unterstützung. Wir dachte uns, dass ein Community Server eher langweilig und eintönig ist, wodurch wir zu dem Schluss gekommen sind, dass wir einen “modded Server” machen und somit den Spieler ein bisschen unter die Arme greifen werden durch Starter-Kits oder ähnliches.

    Doch fragt ihr euch bestimmt, warum solltet Ihr gerade auf unseren Server kommen?

    Gute Frage und darauf kann ich euch eine hoffentlich gute Antwort zu Verfügung stellen. Da wir ein modded Server machen, wollten wir euch das Spielspaß in Rust ein bisschen leichter machen, indem wir zum Beispiel “TPA” hinzugefügt haben. TPA ist ein Mod, wodurch Ihr euch zu einander teleportieren könnt, aber natürlich nur dann, wenn der andere Mitspieler mit einverstanden ist. Doch das ist nicht alles, sondern wir haben noch viele andere nützliche Mods eingebaut die Ihr euch gerne anschauen könnt. Da wir an euren Spielspaß interessiert sind, wollen wir nach Bedarf auch eine PvP Arena hinzufügen mit tollen Belohnungen.

    Was wir anbieten:

    1. TPA
    2. Share
    3. Teleport nach Hause
    4. Starter Kit
    – Cloth Anzug
    – Wood Shelter
    – Fleisch 10x
    – Wooden Door
    – Stone Hatchet
    5. Remove
    6. Instant Crafting

    Da der Server erst neu ist, sind erst ungefähr 3 Leute auf dem Server, aber ich hoffe, dass es euch nicht so schnell abschreckt.

    Genauso zu den Mods und der möglichen Arena, werden auch täglich Air Drops gestartet.

    Bisher sind wir 2 nette Admins, die bis spät in die Nacht online sind, damit wir immer für euch da sind. Desweiteren haben wir ein Anti-Cheat installiert, dass zu unseren Admins, das Cheaten eigentlich so gut wie unmöglich macht und euren Spielspaß nicht beeinflusst.

    Wie Ihr auf unseren Server joinen könnt:

    1. Schritt => F1 drücken
    2. Schritt => net.connect eingeben
    3. Schritt => Spaß haben!

    Bei möglichen Fragen einfach eine PN an mich schicken.

    Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald wieder!

    • Here’s the English translated version

      Dear Rust player

      here I want to introduce my concept that has recently gone online.

      The server is only yesterday come online, more specifically by 5 clock in the morning. Since we

      have hardly teammates, I hope for your help.

      To the server:

      A friend of mine and I want after a long time Rust Server open not only us, but you is fun. We firmly believe that we will make it so playful that your you are comfortable with us. Since we are only at the beginning with the server, we hope for your support. We thought that a Community Server is rather boring and monotonous, so we have come to the conclusion that we make a “modded server” and thus the player a bit under the arms by starter kits or the like.

      But you ask determines you why you should just come to our server?

      Good question and it may I ask you a hopefully good answer available. Since we make a modded server, we wanted to make you the game fun in Rust a bit easier as we have added as “TPA”. TPA is a mod, so you can teleport to each other, but of course only if the other player is in agreement with. But that’s not all, but we have not built many other useful mods you can watch you like. Since we are interested in your game, we want to add a PvP arena with great rewards as necessary.

      What we offer:

      1 TPA
      2 Share
      3 Teleport home
      4 Starter Kit
      – Cloth Suit
      – Wood Shelter
      – 10x meat
      – Wooden Door
      – Stone Hatchet
      5 Remove
      6 Instant Crafting

      Because the server is only new, are only about three people on the server, but I hope it does not scare you so quickly.

      Similarly to the mods and the possible Arena, also started daily Air Drops.

      So far we have 2 nice admins who are up late at night online, so we are always there for you. Furthermore, we have installed an anti-cheat that our admins cheating actually makes almost impossible and does not affect your gameplay.

      How can you from joining to our server:

      Press 1 step => F1
      Enter the second step => net.connect
      Step 3 = have> fun!

      Email with any questions just wrote a message to me.

      I hope we’ll see you soon again!

  • Trent

    My epic PVP/M4/MP5A4 SERVER

  • Hugo Silva



  • Kalmari1en



  • will



    mass loot

    fall damage off

    durability off

    instant craft

    people cant sethome in your base without being a friend


    2 sethomes (teleport)

    mass resource

    day/night vote

    3 admins and still recruiting

  • Cosmic

    Cosmic Rust Features:
    ●Gather rate: 4x. (4x is good enough so you can start your own base, build and start fighting)
    ●Pvp Server
    ●Instant Craft
    ●Online 24/7
    ●Commands: Do /help for command list.
    ●Fps Booster
    ●Starter kit
    ●VPS/DDoS Protection
    ●Active Staff
    ●Share Doors
    /Do whatever, have fun, don’t hack
    IP: Net.connect

    ●No hacking or any sort of exploit
    ●No Advertising/Spamming global chat

    • hamza come and play

  • herkz

    Rust for fun server

    join net.connect

    oxide mode /home/share/sleepers and lot more

  • Rust Eclipse

    Are you guys looking for a friendly rust server? Join Rust Eclipse