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The Top 5 Best Gaming Mice on Amazon

best gaming mouse on amazon

We take a look at the top 5 best gaming mice that you can find on Amazon. From recognizable brands to brands that most of us have never heard of. We take a look at just five gaming mice from Amazon that we’re sure you cannot go wrong with.

For our criteria, we look at the following: price, amount of reviews, overall rating, and as a bonus we consider the brand.

5. AnkerĀ® CG100 $29.99

anker gaming mouse

At this moment, this mouse is listed for $29.99. What amazes me more for such a low-cost gaming mouse, is that this mouse has pulled in over 1,000 reviews and is averaging just over 4 stars.

Initially I was surprised to see that Anker had entered the gaming mouse industry, as they seem to be more of a peripheral company. However, I was quickly surprised at the quality of the mouse at it’s price point. The build quality is up to par with other manufacturers, it has features that I’ve only seen on the very high end Logitech and Razer mice, and to top it all off, a surprisingly good software package. – Nick

4. Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse $44.99


Another great mouse with a listing price of $44.99 and with a review average of four and half stars. In total, this mouse has received over 300 reviews.

I bought this to replace my older MX518 because I wore the feet off of it from gaming and photo editing. I am happy to say that this is a very suitable replacement. The texture takes some getting used to when going from one to the other but it is not in a bad way. I like it. The DPI settings are great and quick to change on the fly. – Mike

3. Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse $52.99

razer naga mmo gaming mouse

A great mouse for you MMO players. With a price listed at $52.99 and over a thousand reviews. This mouse has a rating of four stars.

This mouse is awesome. Great for mmo gaming and mouse doesn’t cramp your hand when using it long. Definitely recommend. – Paul Dragone

2. Corsair Raptor M45 $50.22

corsair raptor gaming mouse

Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse average review rating is four and a half stars with over 70 total reviews. This mouse also comes with free shipping and a 2 year warranty.

I’ve owned 3 different gaming mice over the past two years and this one is easily my favorite. I’ve owned the Mamba 2012 edition from razer, the Sensei mlg edition from steel series, and recently the Zeus from gamdias and this mouse feels higher quality than all of those despite being only half the price. – Brian

1. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse $57.45

logitech g600 mmo gaming mouse

Coming in at #1 is the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. Great for MMO gamers this beast comes with 20 MMO-tuned buttons. With a rating of 4 stars. This mouse has received just over 600 reviews.

So far this thing is everything my Naga was not. Although there’s no weight adjustment, the weight is perfect in my opinion. The size fits my hand perfectly. The light up keys on the side are very cool (I keep it in rainbow mode). 8200 DPI is just Godly. – Mike B

There you have it. Five gaming mice that you should consider when shopping on a budget. Feel free to share your favorite gaming mouse below in the comments.