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Top 10 Best Dota 2 Streams Part 1

top 10 dota 2 streams

It’s finally here. Our Top 10 Best Dota 2 Streams.

With this top ten list, I wanted to take a different approach. With the other top ten streaming lists here on btnsmash it would just be me doing the research and analysis for each stream. While I greatly enjoy doing it, taking that approach is both time-consuming and exhausting by the time I was done.

To help make this list a little easier on myself. I asked the Dota 2 Reddit community to share with me their favorite streamers. Doing so not only saved me time on research but it ultimately allowed me to work with the Dota 2 community to get an idea on who you’re actually watching.

So a thank you to the Dota 2 Reddit community and a huge thanks to those that contributed.

#10 PPD

ppd dota 2 stream

PPD holds one of the highest honors that any esport athlete could hold for their team. Team Captain for Evil Geniuses, PPD is currently considered one of the best drafters in the game. If you’re looking for skilled content. Make sure to check out PPD.

ppd reddit

You can catch PPD streaming at twitch.tv/ppd.

#9 Merlini

merlini dota 2 stream

Merlini began his Dota 2 adventures in 2005. Shortly after, Merlini was able to spend several years as a competitive Dota 2 player. After spending time playing competitively, Merlini eventually retired to the role of a full-time streamer and consultant for numerous respected authorities in and around Dota 2. Today thousands of fans and viewers alike descend upon Merlini streams for his insightful information and chilled streams. For more information on Merlini, make sure to visit his official website at merlinidota.com.

You can catch Merlini streaming at twitch.tv/merlinidota.

#8 Draskyl

draskyl dota 2 announce

Image Source: dotacinema.com

Draskyl is an American born announcer who splits his time between the USA and Sweeden where he currently announces for GD Studio.

You can catch Draskyl streaming at twitch.tv/draskyl.

#7 Arteezy

arteezy dota 2 stream

Arteezy who currently plays for Evil Geniuses is considered one of the world’s best mid players. If you’re a player looking to increase your play level at mid. This is one stream that you will want to follow on Twitch.

Is Arteezy now experimenting with becoming a caster?

arteezy dota 2 caster

You can catch Arteezy streaming at twitch.tv/arteezy.

#6 Dendi

dendi dota 2 stream

Dendi, this Solo/Ganker professional Dota 2 player took a simple route to kick start his Dota 2 career. Instead of waiting for a team to come calling. Dendi in 2005 took to the forums to organize his own team. Dendi now play’s for team NatusVincere or Na’Vi and is considered one of the top players for his area of play.

You can catch Dendi streaming at twitch.tv/dendi

#5 Aui_2000

aui_2000 dota 2 stream

Image Source: wiki.teamliquid.net

Aui_2000 or Aui2k is a Canadian based player who currently plays for Cloud9. Aui2k is known for his experimental builds and out of the ordinary plays which make it tough for other players to predict. While streaming, Aui2k is the type of streamer who is more than willing to share his knowledge of the game with those who ask.

You can catch Aui_2000 streaming at twitch.tv/aui_2000.

#4 AdmiralBulldog

admiralbulldog dota 2 stream

AdmiralBulldog a once pub superstar is now a professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Alliance. If you’re into the following heroes: Lone Druid, Nature’s Prophet, Bounty Hunter, and Clockwerk. This is one stream that you’ll want to check out.

You can catch AdmiralBulldog streaming at twitch.tv/admiralbulldog.

#3 Fnaticn0tail

n0tail fnatic dota 2 stream

Image Source: fnatic.com

Fnaticn0tail is a 20 year old Danish player who plays professionally for Fnatic. Unfortunately, it appears that NoTail has not streamed recently. But have no fear. You can catch up on some of NoTail’s past videos on Twitch. Doing so, you’ll see why we’ve placed NoTail at #3. Now if we can just convince him to stream more often.


#2 WagaMama

wagamama dota 2 stream

WagaMama, the Swedish professional Dota 2 player was the second most mention streamer on Reddit and for good reason. Having the opportunity to catch one of his streams. I could see why he was a fan favorite. WagaMama is known for his calm playstyle during intense situations, situations where most players would start oozing at the armpits. I would recommend this stream for both casual and hardcore players.

wagamama reddit

You can catch WagaMama streaming at twitch.tv/wagamamatv.

#1 SingSing

singsing dota 2 streams

Placing SingSing at #1 was a no brainer, especially after seeing some of the replies that SingSing received on the Dota 2 Reddit post.

SingSing is hands down the fan favorite when it comes to Dota 2 streams. This streamer offers a unique personality with his humor and laid back attitude when it comes to Dota 2. With these traits, it makes it possible for just about anyone to enjoy SingSing’s stream. I might also add that SingSing just knows how to straight up play the game. Because of this, SingSing has no issues coming up with rare or totally new on the spot strategies or jukes.

singsing reddit dota 2

singsing reddit dota 2

You can catch SingSing streaming at twitch.tv/sing_sing.

There you have it, our Top 10 Best Dota 2 Streams. If your favorite streamer was left out and feel like he or she would be great for our next series, please leave a comment below with a link to their Twitch page.

Again, a big thank you to the Dota 2 Reddit community for the great help. No matter how big or small the help was. I had a great time working with those who did contribute.

Honorable Mention:
SirActionSlacks – twitch.tv/siractionslacks
FearDarkness – twitch.tv/feardarkness
Qojqva – twitch.tv/liquidqojqva
Shaneomad – twitch.tv/shaneomad
Eternalenvyy – twitch.tv/eternalenvyy
Stealhhazrd – twitch.tv/stealthhazrd (For his work that he is doing with charity)