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Season 3 League of Legends

league of legends Patch 5.13

So with Season 3 right around the corner for League of Legends it’s time to look back during the pre-season. The massive changes that hit the general game play for LoL was outstanding, new items, new recipes and of course the new jungle.

We’ll start of with the items which were added/changed, majority of the new items have changed roles one way or another. The best example of this was Supports, the items that they now have access to has made them a lot stronger and much more efficient with gold hoarding. One of the best items which I reckon came out of the end of season 2 was, the ward items (Sightstone & Ruby Sightstone) these items are amazing! It saves you buying a shed ton of wards all game and losing a slot. With this you get the HP and wards while also saving you some cash. A few of the older items have also being reworked into new useful items (pretty much better upgrades) now people have a reason to buy a Tiamat other then stacking them on Fiora, along with the addition of these new items came new builds it was time for everyone to try something new other then boots & 3 hp pots… For the short time Crystlinne flask and health pots was probably the most common change for most AP mids/Top laners, but that soon came to an end with the Crystlinne flask price being upped just a notch so buying it in the first few minutes won’t allow said player to spend and sustain so long in lane without recalling.

The new jungle that hit Season 3 (Pre-Season) was quite a large change for some while others it probably remained the same, it opened new doors to non AoE champions such as Fiddlesticks/Shen etc, the reduction of health for the smaller neutral monsters helped them complete the run much faster then before. The biggest change in my opinion for the entire jungle was the rework on “Leashing” as we all know before it was a simple hit and the Ancient Golem would aggro you, now it’s a different story “Leashing” now attacks the closet person to said camp, this has created much longer “Leashes” then before but I think it has also helped a number of different aspects for counter-jungling, because now you know there will be 3/4 members around one camp for that “Leash” so in turn it’s created a much higher risk/reward factor for those early invades. One item that was added for Season 3 stands out a lot, the Hunter’s Machete his provides high effective health against physical damage and 750 bonus health. Hunter’s Machete can be built in Madred’s Razors and then into Wriggle’s Lantern to improve jungle speed and map awareness. You can alsobuy the one item that is  specially aimed at junglers the Spirit Stone, and it just doesn’t end there the Spirit Stone has 3 different routes to go depending on your champion, as a small insight one is for AP, AD and one tanky jungler, these 3 new choices have made jungling a little easier whilst keeping you up in stats. It still does take a number of factors for jungling to pressure the game so well but without these changes to the jungle along with the addition of items it’s made it possible for junglers to make choices on when to gank and when not to.


So for those who’ve not tried League of Legends, the fun is only just starting with just over 2 years since release the League still has a long way to go in terms of items, balance and of course fun. But we can’t forget the competitive side for League of Legends, such great things come from these players at times, and as usual most people will look to them for the new tactics and methods of beating those pesky opponents.


Thanks for reading,

Matthew “Collide” Beer

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