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Patch 5.13 Just Landed In LoL And It’s Huge!

league of legends Patch 5.13

By the time you’re reading this, Riot will already have finished rolling out patch 5.13 to all League of Legends servers across all regions. Though it arrived without much fanfare or a fancy title, the 5.13 will change a lot of things for the better. Let’s start from the top.

The way slowing debuffs stack has been completely reworked. Instead of all slowing debuffs beyond the first applying at half their strength, now only the strongest debuff applies and the rest are ignored. The intention behind this change is to give a fighting chance to melee heroes that are under 2 or more slowing debuffs, especially when they are AoE.

Skillshots will no longer miss when they obviously connect with an enemy. This happened because the old hit detection code considered only the center of the unit – if the skillshot went just a few pixels off the center, the code would (sometimes, but not always) register it as a miss. This has now been reworked to include the entire unit model, meaning this culprit behind countless ragequits and snapped keyboards should finally be put to rest.

Base turrets got a health nerf, with inner and outer having their health reduced by 10% while the Inhibitor turrets lost 5% HP. The Devourer enchantment can no longer gain infinite stacks and will also summon a Ghost Dog companion. All AP items have been normalized, meaning that they should give more choice to the players, instead of just being direct upgrades of one another.

There are many more subtle changes and tweaks to champions, abilities and items. The only way to find out all the things that have changed is to go and play, so see you in the game, Summoners!

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