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Nintendo’s Splatoon Is A Must Have

We’re used to by now having Nintendo giving us yearly installments of Super Mario and their other franchises we’ve grown to play and love. While every next iteration has only slight improvements over the previous game, it’s really easy to get engrossed in them and spend hundreds of hours playing, simply because they are so fun. But, now it’s time for something completely different and that’s Splatoon.

Splatoon is a third-person team shooter on Wii U where two teams of four players each shoot blobs of paint at one another and try to cover the entirety of the map in their team’s color. The first one to cover the majority of the map wins. Player characters are squid-kids that can morph into a squid whenever they are on a surface of their team’s color, recharging their ammo and helping them go faster, even up walls and through grates, though they can only use weapons when in kid form.

There are four flavorful weapon types that essentially fulfill the roles of assault rifles, grenade launchers, flamethrowers and sniper rifles. All of them are extremely well balanced and have a high skill ceiling. The clever trick of making each bullet a paint blob means that even a miss counts and has an effect on the map.

Splatoon and all of its mechanics are extremely slick and enjoyable. Instead of forcing you into arbitrary roles or classes, Splatoon allows you to choose and change your own playstyle on the spot and it has a little bit of everything: shooting, parkour, stealth and teamwork. This is definitely the right way to do team shooters and Splatoon is going to become a massive franchise in the coming years, making it worthwhile to buy a Wii U simply to play Splatoon.

Image Source: mynintendonews.com