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Minecraft Review – Why is Minecraft so Popular


Minecraft Review – Having been around since 2009, Minecraft isn’t the newest video game on the market, but it is certainly among the most popular. In fact, more than 11 million people have bought the PC version of this free-roaming sandbox game, while over 20 million copies of the game have been sold across platforms. That number grows by the hour. What makes this particularly impressive is that this is an indie game without a huge budget or extensive marketing campaign, which is what leaves so many people wondering what’s responsible for Minecraft’s popularity.

minecraft reviewThe Minecraft world is randomly generated and requires gamers to mine blocks to use as they design towers. When you play this game, you can choose to either simply build structures of all kinds for the fun of it, or use the buildings you create for protection from monsters during survival mode. So the main reason for its appeal is that it is not like so many games on the market that are linear. Instead, its non-linear gameplay reminds many Minecraft fans of a digital version of Legos. In fact, there are now Minecraft-themed Lego sets on the market, and much like the game, they have been so popular that many stores have sold out of them.

Some of the best Minecraft players show their stuff to other gamers through Twitch, which streams live games for audiences to watch. This game is popular among viewers because some particularly talented players use the pixelated blocks to recreate famous structures – including the Empire State Building and Taj Mahal – while in creative mode. Some players even recreate entire cities, board games, and internet memes, which should explain Minecraft’s popularity even among viewers.


In survival mode, the Minecraft world constantly presents new challenges for gamers to take on. This type of gameplay creates a thrilling adventure for viewers to watch as players use their own structures to protect themselves from monsters. Due to the ever-changing world in this sandbox game, along with the new modifications constantly being released, it’s easy to get lost in the game and hard to get bored with it.

And unlike some of the most well-known video games, Minecraft has the support of many parents because it focuses more on creativity and even architectural skill than violence. Minecraft is too pixelated to look realistic at all, and even so, there is no trace of the violent shootouts and bombings so many other video games include. In addition, the game promotes teamwork during multiplayer mode, allowing gamers to play on a server with their friends rather than strangers.

All of these important features add up to create a fun, unique game that is popular among everyone from kids to adults. Have you tried it out for yourself yet?

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