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Minecraft More Pistons Mod

minecraft pistons mod

Do you remember how many times you’ve looked at your Lego set and wished it could move? Maybe if it was powered by steam or magic. And how about the size of your creations? In the best case scenario, you had a couple hundred pieces. This wasn’t nearly enough to let you fulfill your majestic designs. But wait – what if we made a video game in which there were no such trivial limits?

Welcome to Minecraft

The idea of Minecraft looks very simple but is incredibly deep and complex. It is basically a Lego world with an unlimited number of blocks and total freedom to do with them as you please. Not only can you build monuments, buildings and even vehicles, the sheer size of which you never thought possible, but you can also make your own stronghold and defend it from the attack of vicious zombies and skeletons at night. As you prepare your Minecraft home, you may decide that it’s the best to dig yourself into the mountain, but beware – you might uncover some not so pleasant surprises.

Pick, pick, pickaxe

Mining through the hillside will also reap various resources, for example, coal and diamonds, that you can use to create new tools and weapons. These come in all shapes and sizes and each has a slightly different purpose. But the world of Minecraft can be further enriched with various mods, such as the More Pistons mod. This is where the magic begins, because with the More Pistons mod, you can create movable traps, collapsible hallways and secret entrances. These pistons activate either on touch or when a switch is pressed and push whatever is right on top of them with great force.

If a bigger character touches several pistons at the same time, they will trigger and add their force together. In some cases, this can mean catapulting the object or a player enormous distances. If an enemy is launched upwards, this can mean instant death upon landing. There are several types of pistons – some that can move objects one, two or more blocks and others that can pull objects as well.

Kick, kick, kickass

Combining several of these pistons can make an awesome cannon that launches TNT from a dispenser all the way across the valley or a trap that pushes enemies off the side of a cliff. There is no limit to what you can create with the help of almighty pistons. Just have in mind that, while Minecraft can help you get friends, More Pistons mod will probably cause you to lose them.

Craft your own Minecraft

To install a Minecraft mod, you will need to download the mod files and put them into Minecraft.jar found in the Application Data folder on your computer. Though this sounds complicated, it’s actually really easy to do and there are plenty of tutorials and guides online on how to do it.

Image Source: planetminecraft.com