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Kittyplaysgames 2015 Top Female Streamer #1

2015 top female streamer kittplaygames

Finally, coming in at #1 on our list is Kittyplaysgames.

KPG has amassed over 12.5 million in total views. What really sets KPG from the other female streamers is her amazing user engagement that she brings every time that she is streaming, which is pretty damn hard to do considering how many viewers she attracts.

Make sure to visit one of her live streams. We’re confident you will not be disappointed.


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  • Can`t stop the Bells

    What`s about http://www.twitch.tv/legendarylea
    Look at her total views: 23,980,091
    She`s the real Nr. 1 !!!!!!!!

  • Washougal Commuter

    I’m a huge fan of Ms_Vixen not as a gamer but as person who has, literally, raised, 100s of thousands for charity. So seeing her on the list makes perfect sense. But, lets be honest and the author of this ‘list’ should also be honest, excluding someone like Kaceytron from this list smells of personal preference rather than a review of the numbers. You may not like to watch Kaceytron or maybe you disagree with her delivery but there is no denying she is one of the top female streamers on Twitch. None.