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Kerbal Space Program Leaves Early Access

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s not rocket science” and wondered – well, how hard can rocket science be? Here is your chance to find out. Kerbal Space Program is a space physics simulator sandbox with a soul in which you get the chance to assemble, test, launch, steer and land your spacecraft onto various procedurally generated planets.

Being a sandbox game, there is no actual end to Kerbal Space Program, you can keep creating new metal monstrosities to your heart’s content. Boosters, shielding, wings and other parts add different attributes to your spacecraft and will result in either its successful launch into the space or glorious explosion somewhere high in the atmosphere.

Starting in 2011 as a simple PC clone of Flash physics-based games, Kerbal Space Program quickly grew into a charming game with an amazing amount of depth. Not only do developers add new planets and wonders to explore, but modders will keep extending the game’s replayability many times over for years to come.

The sheer joy of having your spacecraft/airplane design take off from the runway and climb towards the space is something no other game has provided us with before. You simply have to try it out.

Kerbal Space Program has left Early Access on 27 April 2015 and is now 25%-off on Steam, available for 29,99€ until May 4.