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Is Youtube Gaming Worth Hoping For?

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We’ve seen Google fail to purchase Twitch for a staggering $1 billion and get one-upped by Amazon. And now, Google has decided to make its own video game streaming service. Will it be any good and what can we expect from the newly announced Youtube Gaming?

So far, Twitch is the undisputed king of live video game streaming. Even Bethesda released the Fallout 4 trailer on its Twitch channel before publishing it everywhere else. The matter of the fact is, no matter how many competitors there are and what innovations they bring, Twitch managed to establish itself in the video game streaming niche and it will take a string of serious blunders for it to fall out of grace.

What Google is trying to do is beat Twitch at its own game by copying its model and introducing a bunch of technical advancements, such as 60 FPS streams. The problem is that people generally don’t care that much about the technicalities as much as they do about the social side of things and we’ve seen how Google can screw that up.

Forced integration of Google+ with Youtube is the prime example of how socially unaware Google can be at times. Instead of giving an option for people to choose if they want to join Google+ or not, an account was created and forced down each Youtube user’s throat. Besides, Google is extremely sensitive to pressure from big companies, as seen in their Youtube Content ID system. The most likely result will be video gaming streams that are completely sanitized of all potentially bad content and behavior.

Just like Google+, I predict Youtube Gaming will be something only Google fanboys use. Couple this with the fact that Google recently announced a paid subscription model for Youtube and you’ve got a truly bleak future ahead of us, the one where you will be paying to watch pre-approved streamers play pre-approved games. No thanks.