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How to live stream your favorite video games

Howto Stream your favorite games

When you watch your favorite streamer, it all seems so easy. But, if you tried setting up a stream yourself, you’ve probably gotten nowhere. Encoding options, sound management, and all those acronyms are so cryptic that they might as well be written in Klingon. Fret not, as here is the ultimate guide to help you start streaming right away.

First, you will need a good encoder program that will capture your video game footage and send it to the streaming website. There is a wealth of options here and everyone can find something to his liking. Xsplit Broadcaster is by far the best paid option, but if you’re not too keen on forking cash, OBS is an excellent alternative.

Second is the bandwidth. This is arguably the only deal breaker in your stream setup since every other issue can be worked around but the good uploading capability is an absolute must for delivering quality content to the viewers. How much upload bandwidth it actually takes depends on how much you compress the video, but the rule of thumb is 2 Mbps for 480p, 4 Mbps for 720p and 6 Mbps for smooth streaming with minimum compression. Remember that this increases if other people are sharing the connection you use for streaming. Test your Internet speeds here.

And finally, you will need a good webcam to engage the viewers and show them your reactions. 1080p webcams are a waste of money and you should aim at most for a 720p webcam. The reasoning behind this is that the webcam feed is just a small window in the corner of the stream, so 1080p doesn’t represent that big of an improvement over 720p. A solid webcam for $40 is Logitech HD C525. See you online!