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Maciej Krupowies former CEO of Ministry of Win and the Current CEO of GamingLive Bad News?

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Reddit user Luminere recently brought to light that current GamingLive CEO Maciej Krupowies, who was once CEO of the Ministry of Win training facility was caught up in a past situation where ex-employees of MoW were not being paid.

While this feud is now a few years ago. The loyal and hardcore community of gamers are not easily forgiven.

Ministry of Win formerly known as the International Gaming House was re-branded to become the first training facility for professional gamers. The organization MoW was setup to be a for profit business by charging its players a large sum of cash for room and board as well as providing it’s attendants (the gamers) access to a coach and gym according to the Team Liquid Wiki.

After a year in operation the training house Ministry of Win ended up closing its door’s in February of 2013.

team liquid forum ministry of winMinistry of Win Payment Issues

User N1ceTry from the Team Liquid Forums shared that forum users from the Polish community board had made aware of the issue that ex-employees were not being paid for the time spent working at Ministry of Win.

Ministry of Win Contract Issues

Another issue arose when Fuzer (A professional gamer who had stayed at the training facility) brought to light some of the controversial contract issues that he had encountered before actually signing the contract.

Basically the contract said that a player who comes to the house needs to stream for MoW 150 hours a month (5 hours a day) and MoW house takes a cut from your streaming revenues: So basically you come to the house, you pay 600 euros so you could have best conditions to practice but still you have to work for the house? – Fuzer

And another thing that the contract said is that after you’ve been your time in the house, you’re not allowed to establish your own house / be part of gaming house as a coach etc. for next 10 years. – Fuzer

fuzer ministry of win issue

Image Source: gosugamers.net

What is my take on the situation? First, if you’re going to commit to something where you’re going to be involving other people and who’s lives could also be effected by the outcome, such as offering that person a job. You better make damn sure you will be able to cover their paychecks first and foremost. Now, I do think a young Maciej Krupowies at the time put himself in a situation that grew beyond his capabilities for that time. I’m a person who believes in second chances and hope that Maciej Krupowies will be able to produce some good out of a negative situation that he was not ready for.

I’ll be continuing to keep an eye on GamingLive to watch it’s progress. I do hope to see it succeed.

View GamingLive official response to the situation.

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