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France’s Latest Esport Organization – Denial

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France has a new esports organization called Denial. The team which will consist of French only players plan to start out in DotA 2, where they were able to pull off a solid showing at the MSI Beat it Qualifiers.

To ease their transition in the ultra-competitive DotA 2 scene. Denial will setup shop in Paris sometime before October where team members of Denial will be able to hone their skills in a gaming environment similar to that of a gaming house.

The team captain 7ckngMad stated:

Today I am proud to announce that from now on, we will be representing Denial eSports, not only with our gaming performances, but also with our professionalism and values.

After a solid performance in MSI Beat It qualifiers, Denial offered to support us, and help us have the finest gaming conditions.

We will, before mid-September, set-up gaming offices in Paris. The full roster will be able to practice and improve in a LAN environment, which is extremely important. I have big hopes, and even higher expectations. Once again, thanks for all the support, it’s 7ckng on – 7ckngMad

Current Roster:

Sebastein ‘7ckngMad’ Debs (C)
Titouan ‘Sockshka’ Merloz
Sullivan ‘Joraal’ Carlotti
Arben ‘Arbenlol’ Forest-Sisalem
Choi ‘Crio_J’ Jong-Bin

Image Source: think0.deviantart.com