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Female Gamers – Inside the Mind with the Average Female Gamer

When LushiousX had reached out to me on Twitter, asking if btnsmash wrote articles on female gamers, there was a clear answer. Absolutely, hell yeah we do. However, after going through the btnsmash website. I realized we had not done enough for the typical female gamer. Sure, we recently did a Top 10 Women in the Gaming Industry and an on going yearly series for the Top 10 Female Streamers.

This was different

female gamers

After visiting LushiousX Youtube channel and Twitch channel, I quickly realized she had not acquired a major following.

There is a reason why certain Youtube personalities and professional eSport athletes, who have already acquired a huge following are selected for interviews.

Youtube personalities, and eSport athletes all need a large amount of viewers (think Twitch or Youtube) or visitors (think websites) depending on the outlet, to draw interest.

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However, I had this feeling. A feeling that LushiousX had a story to tell. After a few back and forth direct messages on Twitter, it hit me. This would be a great opportunity to interview the typical gamer. The same typical gamer that usually any other major gaming or eSports coverage website out there would turn away.

Aw, but LushiousX had the it factor. She was your typical female gamer. The rare, once in a blue moon female gamer (Nearly half of gamers are women according to a Washington Times article from 2013) that every male encounters at some point.

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I contacted LushiousX if she would be ok with doing a interview on “Female Gamers – Inside the Mind with the Average Female Gamer”? She was down and completely open to the idea.

Hopefully, this small interview will be able to serve as a case study on female gamers and help break the female/male gamer persona.

You’ll have to forgive that the first letter of every word in LushiousX replies are capitalized. When asked what was the reason for it. She exclaimed “It’s The Way I Write”. Which definitely adds it’s own character to the interview.

So lets jump right into it.

lushiousx female gamerLushiousX please introduce yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been gaming? etc..

LushiousX: Hey I’m LushiousX, Im From The UK ( Manchester ) …. Iv Been Gaming For Over 4 & A Half Years – I Got Picked Up & Spotted From The Black Ops II Days When I Was A Sniper Part Of A Group Called FuZiOn I Started With An Old Friend, From There I Started Up My Youtube Were Im Still Trying To Get It To The Point Of A Great Standard For My Viewers, From There I Have Been Playing Ghost In & Out Of Teams But Decided The Twitch.Tv Side Its More Better For Me As I Like Play All Sorts Of Games.

How old were you when you played your first game and what game was that?

LushiousX: My First Game Would Of Been When I Was Younger Like My Gameboy & I Had Alot Of Games Including Sonic & Many More.

When did you become interested in creating Youtube videos and live streaming? It appears that it was a pretty recent decision

LushiousX: I Became Interested In Creating My Videos Around Black Ops II & Just Recently In The Past Week Or So I Started Up My Twitch.Tv Account & Streamed 4 Times Now But Im Constantly Improving My Stream Quality & Content Aswell As For My Youtube , Theres Gonna Be Alot More Content Coming Your Way In The Summer !!

Why live streaming? What’s appealing about live streaming that got you interested?

LushiousX: I’v Always Wanted To Livestream I Just Had To Cut Loose Ends On Other Things In The Gaming Community. So I Then Decided It Was Time For Me To Move On To Livestream On Twitch.Tv I Must Admit I Had A Tuff Time Setting It Up But With The Help From Danny & Nicola My Close Friends I Was Able To Set Everything Up Within 2 Days.

LushiousX Female Gamers Interview

Are there any other female streamers out there that you follow? If so, what is it about them that you like

LushiousX: Yes Ms HeartAttack …. Shes So Lovely & Down To Earth , Very Honest & The Content On Her Videos Make Me Laugh & Make Me Want To Be opinionated As Her.

Have you encountered any stereotypes as a female gamer while online? If so how do you handle it? Is there any advice you could pass onto your fellow female gamers?

LushiousX: Yes Plenty !! Including Egirl …. Very Sexist Guys & Girls Out There Some Guys & Girls Can Be Cool. I Handle It The Best Way I Can, Don’t Back Down Give Them Banter Back & Let It Fly Over My Head !! Yeah Girls Your Always Gonna Have Haters Either Females Or Males ( There’s Always A Flock Of Sheep Who Will Follow ) You Just Got Think ” All Haters Are Your Motivators, They Either Love Or Hate You But Never Change Yourself For To Suit Other People, You Know What Scares People ? SUCCESS They Will Judge A Book By Its Cover & Never Know The Struggle Or The Story Of The Book Until It’s Too Late”.

Whats the hardest part about being a female gamer playing games online?

LushiousX: The Guys Hitting On You , Speaking Down To You Being Disrespectful Or The Girls Who Just Want A Argument To Show Off Even When Their Crap !! Iv Got Past All That I Just Laugh It Of Or Stay In A Party With My Friends.

female gamers xbox lushiousxFrom the years that you have been gaming online, have you noticed the stereotyping from other gamers (particularly male gamers) increasing or decreasing?

LushiousX: I Believe It’s Still The Same But With A Twist I Think That Theres More Females Coming Out Of The Woodwork & Most Of Them Are Using The Gaming Community As A Dating Network Or To Get Famous For Sending Nudes :/ …. With The Males There Is Still The Odd Decent Gamer Who Actual Enjoys The Game & Wants To Be A Gamer But Then You Have The Ones Who Are So Simple Want To Use It As A Dating Scene Or Start To Cause Trouble & Havoc Ruining It For The More Dedicated Gamers.

What game are you currently playing? Are there any games that you’re excited for?

LushiousX: I Play Call Of Duty : Ghost , TitanFall & I Play Black Ops II Now & Again, I’m So Looking Forward To Advanced Warfare In November.

I understand you went to EGL 12 (European Gaming League) could you tell us a little bit about your trip? What was your most memorable moment at EGL 12 and probably most embarrassing moment if there is one.

LushiousX: Yeah I Attend EGL 12 It Was My First LAN Event ( I Spectated ) I Was With My Sponsors , Friends & Other Gamers. The Tension In The Air Was Intense You Could Feel The Winning Atmosphere , I Enjoyed The Whole Event I Never Had A Default To Be Honest. Most Embarrassing Moment I Never Had One To Be Honest , I Don’t Want To Have One But If I Did I Would Deal With It By Laughing As Always.

From one of your YouTube videos you mention that you plan to visit I52 (UK’s biggest gaming festival) will this be the first year that you visit the festival? What’s exciting about this festival that is making you want to go?

LushiousX: YES !! I’m Really Excited For This Gaming Festival Been Meaning To Go For A Long Time, It Will Be My First Time Attending This Festival, The Fact Its A Big Gaming Festival & A lot Of Things To Do & Watch. Not Only That Im Gonna Be Watching A Few Teams Compete & Will Be Meeting My Sponsors & My Upcoming Agency Manager ( More Will Be Updated On My Twitter )

female gamers interview lushiousx

What does LushousX do outside of gaming? Any hobbies? Hangout with friends?

LushiousX: Im Abit Geeky So Im Constantly Gaming But I Attend Art Classes & Have Wood Making / Gaming Graphics Courses Coming Up. BUT If I Want A Break I Go Shopping With My Mum Or A Night Out With The Girls.

No holding back here. When you’re pulling a late night gaming session what is your go to gaming meal?

LushiousX: HaHa I So Didn’t Wanna Say !! But It Would Be Gamma , Fruit , & Ribena Or Vimto.

Lets get into the hardware – What is driving your gaming rig? What type of mouse, keyboard, and headphones are you using?

LushiousX: Ok Well I’m A Xbox 360 Girl At Heart & I’m Converting To Xbox One In Aug/Sept, I’m Currently Using My Intel Laptop But Again Upgrading To A Computer , BenQ & I’m Not To Fussed About The Mouse As long As It Does The Correct Job But Would probably Be Pink & A Razor Or Something More Up To Date.

Just about everyone has them or thinks about them every once in a while. What are your future goals or dreams as a gamer? Successful live streamer, Reaching 10,000 YouTube subscribers etc..

LushiousX: My Future Goals Would Be Going Into The Gaming Graphics Side I Have A* In Computers & I Love Gaming So Would Be Amazing To Go Into That Side Or Getting Involved In The Gaming Promoting Side Of Things , Charity Gaming , Events & Tournaments ( I’m Currently Planning A Charity Gaming Tournament At The Minute With Battle Autism Gaming ) I Don’t Believe In Planning To The Future As It Always Changes. I Believe Iv Worked Hard To Were I Got To Today Proving Myself To Many Sponsors & Fans So Im At Were I Wanted To Be But If I Got Further I Would Be Amazed & Thankful.

What times do you usually stream? Do you have a schedule for when you publish videos to YouTube?

LushiousX: I’m Currently Doing A Schedule For My Streaming As We Speak & Will Be Put Into Action In July & My YouTube Videos Are Uploaded Frequently When I Have Good Content Or Updates For Everyone.

Finally, where can we keep track of the Lushious? Twitter? YouTube? Twitch? Facebook?

LushiousX: You Can Keep Track Of Me On :_

Twitter > @_LushiousX
YouTube > youtube.com/lushiousxa
Twitch > Twitch.Tv/LushiousX

I Don’t Use Facebook

So Guys & Dolls Follow , Sub & Follow On My Media Sites , Giveaways Coming At 4,000 Followers ( I Have 3,120 )

Thank you Cody For Your Patience & Questions

Thank you LushiousX, for allowing us to pick your mind and wish you the best of luck on your gaming success. We’ll be keeping track of your progress.

You can follow us on Twitter @btnsmash