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End of an Era for Era as he Departs Fnatic

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After serving Fnatic for more than two years. Era a professional DotA 2 player has decided to take his talent elsewhere. After a recent spat between Era and Fnatic it was speculated that Era was looking for a new home.

With the decision from Era to leave Fnatic. This will finally allow Era to find a team that he will be happy with. For Fnatic, they’ll finally have the opportunity to go out and find a player that will provide a little more consistency to their already talented lineup.

Fnatic is a great organization and I see no problems with them finding a player. Era is a great player and will provide immediate help for any organization.

It’s been a long and awesome run with the guys, but unfortunately everything comes to an end sooner or later. I’m leaving Fnatic in order to see what else there is out there, hopefully I’ll be continuing in the same track at least, but who knows what will happen! Thanks to the rest of the team and our fans after all these years, I’ll see you all around! – Era

Image Source: fnatic.com