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Dota 2 Prize Pool Reaches $5 Million

Dota 2, arguably the e-sport with the largest prize pool ever, has collected over $5 million for this year’s international tournament in just two days. The prize pool is 25% of all revenue Valve earns by selling Dota 2 compendiums and points which are used to level the compendium up. As the prize pool increases, more and more rewards get unlocked for all compendium owners, according to the level of their compendium. These rewards include unique skins, emoticons, taunts, loading screens and even a cute pet called Almond the Frondillo.

Compendium points can be purchased for cash or gotten via in-game drops and by doing specific challenges, such as dewarding a certain number of enemy Observer Wards. This year’s Tournament invitational will be held in Seattle August 3-8, and 20,000 tickets intended for its visitors were sold in just a couple of minutes. 16 teams will battle for the grand prize – half of the total prize pool.

  • greendestiny

    I hope the finals are more exciting than the last year’s. Everyone just dogpiled mid and it was pretty much over 20 minutes in.

    • I’m willing to bet this year matches will be a lot better. I’m sure most teams have studied last year’s clips/matches and will be well prepared. Either way I’m excited.

      • greendestiny

        TI3 finals were the best.