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CS:GO Operation Bloodhound Released

blood hound map

We waited for eight weeks, and now it’s finally here. Operation Bloodhound was released on 26th May, bringing us loads of bug and exploit fixes, map balance tweaks and Profile Ranks.

Operation Bloodhound awards you with a Challenge Coin, which is upgraded as you fulfill missions on official matchmaking servers and earn experience. First rank up during the week will grant you a Falchion Case which can only be opened with a disposable key. Inside the case is any of 16 exclusive weapons which can be sold on the market after June 3rd, including the extremely rare Falchion Knife. All these weapons have community finishes, giving you those extra style points as you headshot people from across the map.

Operation Bloodhound comes with 6 free maps: Agency, Resort, Zoo, Log, Rails, and Season and two new campaigns, Marksman and Revolution, containing 62 missions in total. There are also two new modes, Assassination and Guardian Co-Op. So, what are you waiting for? Load CS:GO and may the best reflexes win!

Image Source: ingame.de