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Cloud9 to Buyout CompLexity’s CS:GO Team

cloud9 cs:go counter-strike global offensive

Cloud9 welcomes there newest team. Cloud9 recently announced that it has picked up CompLexity’s CS:GO team.

“We realized when meeting with Jack that we felt very assured and comforted that this was the next big step on our journey to success in the realm of competitive CS:GO. Our goals and Cloud9’s vision for us are one in the same.” said Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Team Captain of Cloud9 CS:GO. “We look forward to working with C9 in every aspect. Not only do we aim to better ourselves at our respective game, we want to benefit the Cloud9 organization and the eSports community as a whole.”

Cloud9’s latest pickup for their Counter-Strike Global Offensive team:

Sean “sgares” Gares – United States
Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert – United States
Spencer “Hiko” Martin – United States
Kory “Semphis” Friesen – Canada
Michael “shroud” Grzesiek – Canada

For more information on C9 latest pickup visit cloud9.gg.