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Who is Btnsmash Top 10 Most Popular Female Streamers

tarababcock best hot female streamers

Let’s take a look at part 1 and part 2 of the Top 10 Female Streamers to see which female streamer is truly the most popular by the amount of clicks that each visitor to Btnsmash are clicking on. The best way for us to find this out is to tally up all of the Twitch link clicks that visitors to the two series are clicking on.

So who are the top female streamers from the past year that visitors to Btnsmash have been clicking on?

#10 Suushisam – 1,541 Clicks

suushisame female streamer

At number 10 is Suushisam. Since the past year, 1,541 visitors from Btnsmash have visited her Twitch page.


#9 MissPetrai – 1,578 Clicks

MissPetrai female streamers on twitch

Coming in at number 9 is MissPetrai with over 1,578 visitors from Btnsmash visiting her Twitch page.


#8 Pooksie – 1,627 Clicks

pooksie top female streamers

Pooksie comes in at number 8 with 1,627 visitors from Btnsmash.


#7 Itshafu – 1,778 Clicks

Itshafu top female streamers

1,778 visitors from Btnsmash have visited Itshafu. Making her number 7.


#6 MissMiaRose – 1,851 Clicks

MissMiaRose female streamers

MissMiaRose who barely sits outside of the top 5, comes in at number 6 with 1,851 visitors from Btnsmash.


#5 Biiotch – 1,863 Clicks

Biiotch female streamers

Coming in at number 5 is Biiotch, where 1,863 visitors to Btnsmash have clicked on her Twitch link.


#4 Esvper – 2,244 Clicks

esvper female twitch streamers

Esvper who breaks the 2k barrier and who sits at number 4 has attracted 2,244 total visitors from Btnsmash.


#3 Lucyyfurr – 2,354 Clicks

lucyyfurr twitch stream

Lucyyfurr has brought in 2,354 new visitors from Btnsmash to her Twitch page the past year.


#2 Cchristiee – 2,582 Clicks

Cchristiee best female streamers

At number 2, we have Cchristiee as the 2nd most popular female streamer on Btnsmash with 2,582 visitors checking out her Twitch page.


#1 Tarababcock – 4,082 Clicks

tarababcock best hot female streamers

Finally at number one by a large margin is Tarababcock. For the past year, she has pulled in a total of 4,082 clicks from Btnsmash who have visited her Twitch page.


Fun Fact: Out of the two top 10 female streamers series. The ladies from Part 1 hold 8 out of the 10 spots for most popular Twitch clicks. Pooksie and Lucyyfur being from part 2.

Fun Fact: Since the past year, out of 361,036 Pageviews, 32,327 visitors to Btnsmash have clicked on a link from Twitch.

Fun Fact: If you combined Dexter_bl and Seriousgaming links together (Same people – they changed their Twitch name) it would equal to 1027. Still placing them at #15.

View the top 41 most popular Btnsmash Twitch links.

Popular twitch links and streams

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  • Hendo

    as much as I dislike her for trolling and consistently going 0-21 in bronze ranked play..how is everyone’s least favorite LoL player not on here?

  • Thanks Ghost, I’ll make sure to check out her stream.

    • Ä¡hostdirtyb.

      She’ll be streaming 10:30AM Pacific, 1:30PM Eastern today!