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Black Mesa Is A Wonderful Remake Of The Original Half Life

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When was the last time you played Half Life? Released in 1998, Half Life took the straightforward FPS genre and made it wonderfully complex and mysterious. You weren’t just a dumb guy out to shoot everything that moves, but a scientist and an explorer. No wonder it was critically acclaimed and launched Valve into orbit. If you haven’t played it, you are truly missing out on a massive piece of gaming history.

But, there is a problem. Back then, the video game technology wasn’t as developed as it is now, meaning the Half Life graphics can look downright repulsive to a modern player not used to them. Well then, why not remake Half Life with modern day technology? This is exactly why Black Mesa was made.

Developed and published by the Crowbar Collective, Black Mesa is made by using the Half Life 2 engine and was in Early Access on Steam until May 5th. Much of the original has been faithfully represented except for some minor changes, such as removing the dreaded leeches from the underwater sections. Most changes are cosmetic: models have more variety and definition to them and the textures and lighting effects are much more detailed.

The single player campaign promises around 10 hours of extremely difficult gameplay. Luckily, Black Mesa has the option of going through the campaign with another player by your side. The price of the game is 19,99€ and the soundtrack is available for free in a zipped archive here.

Image Source: blackmesasource.com

  • greendestiny

    Everything I’ve read about Black Mesa indicates that it’s going to be a great game, though with massive hardware requirements. The original could draw amazing distances because of relatively ugly textures.