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Intro to becoming a total beast in DotA 2

become a total beast in dota 2 guide

DotA 2 is definitely the most difficult of all MOBA games. If you’ve never played it before, you can feel completely lost, simply because there are so many items, heroes and spells to choose from. Don’t worry, here is how to go from noob to gosu in DotA 2 in just a few easy steps.

Learn the ropes

There are three lanes connecting your and the enemy base. Each base will spawn a wave of creeps in regular intervals and send them to attack. If nobody intervenes, they will meet in the middle and cancel each other out. Hostile creeps give gold and experience when killed and thus your objective is to last-hit them, since only the killing blow counts as your kill. Also, you should deny kills to enemy heroes by killing your own weak creeps. Some creeps are hidden in the jungle and are sitting still until you provoke them. They also give rewards when killed, but it’s much easier to get ganked by several enemy heroes while you’re busy in the jungle.

Learn the roles

As the game starts, each player calls out a lane where he will be leveling up. Some heroes are better at laning, while others should go jungling straight away. Ganking and pushing will not be possible until the heroes level up their skills and get several good items. There are three attributes: Strength, Agility and Intelligence. The best heroes in the game are Agility ones and can carry the rest of their team when they get strong enough. In fact, they can nuke the entire enemy team on their own. If you are a carry, go solo laning as much as possible. If you’re not a carry, help your team’s carry at all times. In both cases, avoid dying, because that’s how you feed the enemy team with gold and experience. When an enemy hero is gone from your lane, call it out in team chat. Always communicate with your team and tell them what you’re doing.

Never stop learning

The real key to success in DotA 2 is to master timings. You need to have an intuitive grasp of cooldowns and attacks in the game. This will help you in all aspects of DotA 2, from laning to ganking. Only a few lucky ones have a talent for timings, but don’t worry, you can develop it too by practice. Keep practicing, keep microing and never give up. Once you become a better player, you will start getting the respect from others. Instead of being flamed for feeding, you will get praised for turning the game around. This is the best feeling in the world and it’s worth all the hours you spent practicing the best MOBA in the world, DotA 2.