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Is Azubu the premier streaming platform for Esports?

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Azubu is the latest video game streaming service that is trying to dethrone Twitch. So, what does Azubu offer that Twitch doesn’t?

Azubu is a South Korean video game streaming service that tries to rattle the cage by focusing primarily on Asian streamers and audience. Originally imagined as a service that hosts only pro Esports players, Azubu went through several versions until it finally became 3.0 (currently in beta), where anyone can sign up and stream.

The most interesting features of Azubu are the modules and the replay functionality. Modules allow streamers to add functionality to their streams by connecting Twitter, Facebook or any other social network account to Azubu. This essentially means that viewers never have to leave Azubu to stay updated with their favorite streamer’s social life.

The replay function is quite intuitive and active by default. As the stream goes on, the blue seek bar will fill, allowing the viewer to instantly jump back to a moment that just happened for further analysis and screenshotting. There are 24 games that can be streamed on Azubu at this moment, including Hearthstone, FIFA, LoL, Heroes of the Storm and Destiny. The biggest problem is that LoL has 20 times more views than the rest of the streams combined. In conclusion, Azubu seems on the right track, but their idea of a streaming service dedicated exclusively to Esports seems too little, too late.