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5 Reasons why you should be following Lirik on Twitch

datguylirik on twitch

#5 Great personality

When you watch a streamer for any period of time, you always get to know their life circumstances and their personality. The two always go together, which means that some streamers are just boring people, no matter how hard they try, while others can make anything fun and enjoyable. Lirik is one of the latter and is the kind of guy you would have a beer with and split your sides laughing.

#4 Shenanigans in the game

Everyone can follow the rules and play nice, but the fun is in trying to see how far you can push other people before they snap. Lirik is constantly trolling other people, but he does it so subtly that you can’t really be mad at him. This makes all his relationships with other people in a game very complex, with layers upon layers of trolling.

#3 Awkward conversations

“So, do you like a hotdog in your bun?” Without context, this sentence could mean anything, but on Lirik’s stream, you know exactly what it means. Even when followed by an awkward silence and a cringeworthy discussion on marriage with two girls, Lirik always plays it cool and makes people embarrass themselves on live-stream, with thousands of people watching.

#2 Interesting games

Hearthstone? Call of Duty? Witcher 3? Nah, Lirik is always playing quirky little games like Arma 3 that let his full potential come to light. It’s always refreshing to see something unusual being played, because that kind of exposure makes more people interested in games that otherwise would have pretty empty servers.

#1 Constantly in character

No matter what happens, Lirik never stops (role)playing. It’s such a contrasting experience when you watch Forsen, who blames his bad luck for everything bad that happens, and then come and watch Lirik, who never whines or has BabyRage moments. With Lirik, it’s so easy to relax and just enjoy the ride.

Make sure to follow Lirik on Twitter @datguylirik. You can watch him live on Twitch at twitch.tv/lirik

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