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5 Reasons why Hitbox.tv is better than Twitch

hitbox vs twitch which one is better

I have a confession to make – I started watching live video streams instead of TV. Frankly, can you blame me? You can see unedited, raw footage of people playing, laming, failing and generally being autistic and it’s loads of fun.

Sometimes it’s Hafu lulling me to sleep with her humming and other times it’s Reynad keeping me awake with his romantic escapades. The future of video consumption is definitely live video streaming, which means every company wants to join the party and make its own service. This is great for users, since fierce competition means a better product overall.

The latest contender for the title of the king of video streaming is Hitbox.tv and here are 5 reasons why it’s better than Twitch:

#5 Much smoother

Although I have a solid computer, Twitch still sometimes fails to load streams for no discernible reason or there are massive lag spikes in the video, which completely ruins the experience. On the other hand, Hitbox runs amazingly fast and the video is always perfectly smooth and synced at all times with the chat.

#4 Readable chat

Though Kappa it’s Kappa fun Kappa to Kappa read Kappa dank Kappa memes Kappa, they tend to drown out all the subtle banter and useful messages from the streamer and the chat. This can get really annoying, especially when one dude keeps spamming Kripparrian chat with the same meme over and over again for 7 freaking hours (dude, you know who you are, please get a life Kappa). Thankfully, Hitbox has the option to ignore individual users, something Twitch still doesn’t have.

#3 Better mobile app

Twitch mobile app was recently upgraded to version 4 and it hasn’t really fixed much, in fact, it even introduced new bugs and still crashes constantly. On the other hand, Hitbox mobile app, while still in beta, works great and I’ve had no problem with its performance whatsoever.

#2 Much more polished

Hitbox has the Twitter integration option, meaning you can see in real time what the streamer is tweeting, without having to patrol Twitter. Streaming in 15 minutes? Awesome, I will be right there. Hitbox also has neat Facebook integration, whereby you can log in without having to make yet another account and memorize the password. There are many more little touches that show Hitbox is really trying to improve the core stream watching experience. Meanwhile, Twitch has none of those and is still pretty bare bones.

#1 No Flash

And finally, the boldest move by Hitbox was to ditch the Flash plugin completely. Instead, it uses HTML video, which is much faster, lighter and responsive. I was so used to Twitch’s Flash having to load for 5 to 10 seconds on my computer that I was genuinely startled the first few times I would click a Hitbox stream and it loaded instantly. Now that’s the kind of shock I could actually get used to.

There you have it our 5 reasons why Hitbox is better than Twitch. We know that you’re fully capable of coming up with other reasons on why you think Hitbox is better than Twitch, so why don’t you tell us below in the comments. Or tell us why Twitch is better than Hitbox. We don’t care.


  • Antonymity

    No delay! Well, very minimal delay. Talking to someone on Twitch is like talking to someone who isn’t really interested in talking with you. It is very frustrating.

    Twitch –
    Streamer: “Crap, where am I supposed to go?”
    Viewer: “Go back around that corner and climb the ladder.”
    Streamer: *continues wandering around for 30 seconds*
    Streamer: *finally gets the message* “What corner did you mean?”
    Viewer: “Uh, the one you were at like 30 seconds ago…”
    Streamer: “Yeah, that could have been anywhere…”

    Hitbox –
    Streamer: “Crap, where am I supposed to go?”
    Viewer: “Go back around that corner and climb the ladder.”
    Streamer: “Awesome, thanks!”

    • That is a very good point. The stream delay on Twitch compared to Hitbox is night and day. It is convenient for both the streamer and viewers when you don’t have to deal with an awful delay.

    • whocares

      Last time i timed it : Hitbox has 5-12 seconds delay. Twitch has 7-15 seconds delay.
      I wonder where you got those 30 seconds from…

  • Hitakashi

    Just a note, “Hitbox” is stylized as “hitbox”. Everything is lowercase.

    Also, try uninstalling flash and not using chrome ;) (Or disable plugins in chrome). The player is using Flash. The controls are HTML5. (It covers the flash video which is why you dont see flash options when you right click) Chat is HTML5.

    • Thanks for the heads-up Hitakashi :)

  • whocares

    #5 Much smoother ?? I watch twitch streams on a 7 year old desktop (DDR2 system) without any problems… Everything loads perfectly, and no lagspikes either.. mayby check your cookies/ run a malware program…

    #4 Readable chat.. I do not know what streams you watch, or only are tempted to watch the bigger ones? If you watch mid range streamers, you will not encounter the Kappa problem!

    #3 Better mobile app ; Twitch app actually disables when you shut it off, Hitbox app is draining the battery life like a woman will drain your bankaccount when she is on a shoppingspree…

    #2 Much more polished; Could be a upgraid for Twitch indeed. Yet Hitbox is a fly compared with Twitch. Most of this stuff will brake when they actually will get 10-20 casters with 30k views!